About us

The Spirit of Racing Models was born on 15th June 2020 by the will of Elio Venegoni, born in 1967 in Pavia, passionate about motoring and modeling since childhood. Elio started producing model cars in August 2014, first "anonymous" and then called Eliomodels. In June 2020 he decided to take the plunge and he created the Spirit of Racing Models, with the aim of making his work more orderly and professional. The Spirit of Racing Models cooperates with a group of friends that includes the journalist David Tarallo, the advisor Marco Nolasco, the prototypist Alfonso Marchetta, the graphic designers Stefano Adami, Pietro Marinelli and Lorenzo Stocchero and the assemblers Umberto Cattani, Stefano Coda Zabetta Spuetta, Silvio Dalla Rosa and Roberto Pigorini: a team of valid collaborators thanks to whom to offer quality products and services on the market. 


Do you want someone to assemble your kits? We provide excellent results!

Do you want someone to make the decals you need? We can do it!

Do you want the model of your racing car? We can make it happen!